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How to choose a quality excavator


Excavators have become one of the most important types of construction equipment for construction projects. In particular, the emergence of hydraulic excavators has provided advanced and efficient construction methods for earth and stone works.
Excavator Use The excavator is mainly used for the completion of work: excavation of building and plant foundations; excavation of earth materials, stripping of mining field coverings; loading operations in quarries, tunnels, underground powerhouses and stockyards; excavation Channels, canals, and dredging waterways; after replacing the working device, pouring, lifting, installing, piling, ramming, etc. can be performed.
Construction users how to buy high-quality excavator purchasing elements are said to be good, "The workers want to do their thing, we must first sharpen its device." Today, the problem facing each construction unit or individual is how to purchase suitable engineering equipment. Excavators are one of the most important types of construction machinery in engineering construction. The correct choice is even more important. How to correctly choose a hydraulic excavator is determined by many factors such as the nature of the construction task, scale, technology, economics, and equipment and construction time requirements in the construction project.
In addition, the following factors are very important: mechanical performance, reliability and durability are better, investment recovery period is shorter, and improvement of comfort and safety is a must. In addition, good after-sales service can reduce user downtime and improve economic efficiency. Of course, the supply of accessories and the price level are all important factors that must be considered when purchasing equipment.
The crawler type hydraulic excavator can be selected for the occasions where the work conditions and mobility of the project are the largest and the working conditions are poor. Where the ground load-bearing capacity is strong, bumps, pits or hard large ore conditions, narrow track plus heavy hydraulic excavator should be used; on the contrary, if the ground load capacity is weak, the loose soil conditions should be used to extend the broadband Excavator.
The large-scale earthworks and the application of large and medium-sized open-pit mine engineering are analyzed, compared and scientifically calculated by design institutes or relevant experts according to a variety of factors such as the total investment and ancillary equipment, and the specifications, types, and quantities of purchased hydraulic excavators are determined. Generally periodical small and medium-sized projects, such as road maintenance and farmland water conservancy, need only ordinary model excavators. For example, an excavator with a wide range of models between 20-25T can fully meet the requirements.
Tire type hydraulic excavators should be used when the quantity of work is small, the working conditions are good, and the working surface should be frequently changed; backhoes and long arm work devices can be used when cleaning and dredging riverbeds or waterways; and multiple jobs can be ordered at the same time. The device can be replaced at any time according to construction requirements, such as shovels, backhoes, grabs, hydraulic hammers, drilling rigs and other working devices for selection.
When purchasing an excavator, the engineering equipment must consider the compatibility with its own existing equipment, including the matching between the excavator's operating efficiency and the existing equipment's operating efficiency. For example, the price of a small excavator is low, but it does not match with a large dump truck. In "small horse-drawn carts" and "big horse-drawn carts" do not match. In the construction practice, there is an empirical formula accepted by more construction management personnel, that is, the best cooperation between the hydraulic excavator and self-unloading heavy vehicles should be filled with dump trucks with 5-7 buckets per excavation. Its calculation formula is: where q: excavator bucket capacity (m3); Q: dump truck load (Ton); r: capacity of excavated materials.
The current funding situation Users are now aware of the benefits of buying an excavator. If they can receive the project, they will be able to recover their costs quickly, which is an immediate result. We can consider a variety of purchase methods, installment payments, bank mortgages, lease purchases, and other options based on funding. If there is no problem with funds, you can consider optimizing the structure of your equipment and buying excavators of internationally renowned brands, thereby virtually increasing the competitiveness of your own large contracted projects.
Operating conditions and fluidity of construction The fluidity of the engineering and construction directly affects the choice of the walker structure and working device of the excavator.
When the walking part is selected, the walking parts of the excavator are generally divided into three categories according to walking patterns: crawler type, tire type, and floater type.
The use of tracked excavators is relatively more, characterized by large traction, ground pressure (usually 0.04-0.15Mpa), good stability, good off-road performance and climbing performance. It is widely used in occasions with poor working conditions. According to the conditions of the ground, the standard type crawler excavator is generally used; if the ground conditions have strong carrying capacity and the ground is uneven, a narrow track-type excavator should be used. If the carrying capacity of the working ground station is poor and the soil is loose, an excavator with a crawler extension and a track plate widening type should be selected; if it is constructed in a marshland, a trackless excavator for a wetland should be used. However, please note that the longer the crawler is, the wider the tracker is the better. If the track shoes are too long or too wide, they will wear out quickly. The rollers, guide wheels and drive wheels will also be damaged due to frequent external forces. Similarly, machines with too short track and narrow track shoes are not suitable for work. Working under conditions can also cause premature damage.
The use of wheel and pontoon excavators is relatively rare. The characteristics of the wheeled excavator are high transmission efficiency, fast walking speed, good maneuverability, and good mobile performance. It is generally used in conditions where the working conditions are good, and the workplace needs frequent transfer. Floating boat excavators are generally used for the cleaning of silt deposits in riverbeds, rivers, and lakes.
Construction users how to buy high-quality excavator work equipment Part Selection Considerations Under normal circumstances, excavator work part includes the boom, stick, bucket and related cylinders and hydraulic lines. Because the excavator's working device part is relatively easy to replace, it can replace the corresponding working device according to different work situations to meet the needs of various working conditions.
For example, the entire working device may use an extension arm (both the boom and the arm are lengthened and the bucket capacity is reduced). In this way, the excavator's excavation area is increased, and it is particularly suitable for the dredging of general rivers; when dredging, it is only necessary to work from the river banks on both sides of the river. The mine rock excavator with high working intensity needs to choose to strengthen the thickened boom arm to deal with the bad working conditions and ensure the smooth completion of the project.
As far as the bucket is concerned, according to the digging conditions, it is also possible to select a standard bucket for general conditions, an enlarged bucket for loose earth, a rock bucket for rock conditions, and a dredging bucket for dredging. In addition, the bucket part can also be replaced with a crusher, which can be fully applied to the crushing of large pieces of rock. The crushing of small workload is much safer than the blasting, and the operation is convenient and the efficiency is higher. Buckets can also be replaced with catch forks and grapples. They can be fully used for the disposal of some old and used items. They can be replaced with hydraulic shears and be fully used for the demolition of buildings and other buildings. It is a good investment for units or individuals engaged in municipal projects. direction. There are many others that can be installed (such as: ripper, masher, cutting edge, pile driver, etc.). The special construction site should consider whether or not to install a protective cover to prevent falling objects or obstacles from crashing. Oil tanks; Machines that work in or on ships are sometimes equipped with hook devices to facilitate lifting of vehicles.
Careful selection of model and brand According to the above four factors, the size, quantity, structure and working device of the selected excavator can be generally determined. The following three factors can determine the specific model and manufacturer of the selected control machine. .
Construction users how to choose the performance and reliability of high-quality excavator machines, durability, durability of engines, hydraulic pumps, excavation valves and Hydraulic Motors and other major components on the machine reliability and durability is essential, these components The performance of the excavator directly affects the life of the excavator. As a power source for excavators, the engine requires high power, high torque, and environmental protection. Therefore, as the power source of the excavator, the engine that is specially designed and manufactured by the world-famous engine manufacturer for the construction machinery must be selected; the hydraulic components such as the Hydraulic Pump, the control valve, and the Hydraulic motor should also be selected by the world-famous Hydraulic Component manufacturers. Only in this way can the excavator assembled and manufactured be durable.
The comfort and safety of the driver's workbench, the cab environment, and the quality of the operating system are directly related to driving comfort and operational safety, and affect work efficiency. Pay attention to whether the shock absorber is installed in the cab of the excavator, how the sealing effect is, the adjustment angle and comfort of the seat, whether the air conditioner, radio, cigarette lighter, and fire extinguisher are equipped, whether there is an emergency escape device, and special conditions need to be selected. It is equipped with a cab guard and FOPS to ensure the safety of the driver.
The good after-sales service of the factory's reputation and after-sales service can reduce the user's downtime and increase the economic benefits. Of course, the supply of accessories and the price level are all important factors that must be considered when purchasing equipment.
Manufacturer's reputation survey due to the current production of excavator manufacturers are more, before the purchase of the manufacturers can be investigated, such as through the old users of the manufacturers to understand the use of the excavator, but also through the factory site visits or manufacturers The show will learn about the quality assurance and performance of some products. Analyze and compare the collected information and use excavators made by manufacturers with good reputation, sound sales system, and perfect quality assurance system.
Manufacturers' after-sales service survey Manufacturers must have a complete service system (including service agencies throughout the country, supply of parts and components, service system during the guarantee period, development of maintenance service work outside the guarantee period, etc.) to meet The maintenance needs of the construction unit or individual after purchasing the equipment. If a manufacturer's service cannot be guaranteed, even if the machine performance is better, do not purchase such equipment. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of trouble for the user.
In short, after a comprehensive analysis of the above issues, the user will certainly be less blind and more sensible when choosing an excavator. He will select one of the excavator brands that suits himself.

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