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Hot Komatsu Bulldozer Parts Factory-- Komatsu D85ess-3. D65e-12 Bulldozer Genuine Clutch Break Hydraulic Gear Pump Spare Parts: 705-51-20930


Model NO.: 705-51-20930. D85ESS-3. D65E-12
Shan Tui Pump: 16y-61-01000
Komatsu Gear Pump: 704-71-44002
Komatsu Parts: 705-51-11020
Torque Converter Parts: 705-52-30250
Bulldozer Parts: 07448-66200
OEM Pump Parts Number: 07448-66103
Cummins Parts: 705-21-26050
SD32 Pump: 10y-61-01000
SD42: 705-21-28270
704-30-36110 Pump: 705-51-11020 Gear Pump
Trademark: wx
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: 40*40*40
Origin: Japan
HS Code: 8413602990

                         OEM komatsu Loader Hydraulic Gear Pump 

Japan Komatsu parts manufacture 

Machine model :D85ESS-2.D65PX-12

parts number :705-51-20930

Standard :Original 

Material :Aluminm 

Contact way:caroline Yang 

Choose us :Professional 



WanXun  Gear Pump Series    :705-21-28270 


 Aluminum Alloy


 l  More than 30 years experience on gear pump design and research.  Professional specialized in hydraulic pump components about international construction Vehicles.


 l  Owned-factory with competitive price

 l  Quality and credit-reliable, complete varieties 

 l  Advanced imported manufacture equipment

Product Strengths

  1. Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan.
  2. Oil sealing is made by NOK Japan.
  3. Hydraulic Pump Case is an extrusion molding which is produced by extruding machine (press power is 3600 Ton).
  4. Smooth surface, hard density of material.
  5. Complete variety for international pump parts (more than 300 kinds of Hydraulic pumps)


 Construction Machinery Parts

 Hydraulic pump Assy, Hydraulic pump parts/components


 Based on OEM parts or genuine parts, packing, quantity 

 and other requirements




 for fast and accurate Quotation information, We need more details:

 l  your specs model of construction Vehicle

 l  The hydraulic pump part number  (most important)

 l  The photos of pump

 l  The direction of rotation for the pump (anticlockwise or  clockwise)

Pumps  Showroom

Delivery time

 3-15days after received payment or deposit


 carton box inside, wood box outside (Common OEM Neutral Packing)

Shipment methods

  1. For stock products in factory, quantity is less than 5pieces, Express delivery method.
  2. For manufacturing products, quantity is more than 5pieces, cargo forwarder delivery method.
  3. The clients' advice is acceptable

After sales service

  One Year Warranty

Usage introduction

  1. The Hydraulic Oil must be clean and fresh; the bad condition of Oil will damage and reduce working life of pump.
  2. It will affect working efficiency of pumps when the old pump and new pump connect together.
  3. Please add in HYD Oil in the pump before install into Vehicle

Other parts available


    705-58-47000, 705-57-47000

    705-56-47000, 705-56-44010

    705-56-44001, 705-56-43010

    705-55-43040, 705-55-43000

    705-58-46001, 705-58-43010

    705-52-40130, 705-56-43020

    705-53-42010, 705-53-42000

    705-22-44070, 705-12-44040

    705-14-41040, 705-14-41010

    705-56-36050, 705-56-36040

    705-56-36082, 705-56-34690

    705-56-34100, 705-56-34180

    705-56-34090, 705-55-34180

    705-56-34130, 705-55-33100 


 More than 400 parts Nos are available in our factory, for more info, pls contact me anytime.

1 195-13-11126 komatsu pump 
2 195-13-11512 seal --o-ring
3 195-13-12112 Torque converter parts
4 195-13-12524 Torque converter parts
5 195-13-11654 Torque converter parts
6 195-13-12724 Torque converter parts
7 195-13-11212 Torque converter parts
8 195-13-12122 Torque converter parts
9 195-13-11252 Torque converter parts
10 195-13-11752 Torque converter parts
11 195-13-11005 Torque converter parts
12 175-15-12740 Torque converter parts
13 175-15-12820 Torque converter parts
14 175-15-12750 Torque converter parts
15 175-15-42750 Torque converter parts

Hot Komatsu Bulldozer Parts Factory-- Komatsu D85ess-3. D65e-12 Bulldozer Genuine Clutch Break Hydraulic Gear Pump Spare Parts: 705-51-20930

Index Description Parts Number Machine
1 Gear Pump 705-12-38211 WA380-1
2 Gear Pump 705-12-35340 WA380-1
3 Gear Pump 705-34-31340 WA380-1
4 Gear Pump 705-34-22540 WA380-1
5 Gear Pump 705-55-34180 WA380-3
6 Gear Pump 705-21-40020 WA380-3
7 Gear Pump 705-13-34340 WA380-3
8 Gear Pump 705-33-31340 WA380-3
9 Gear Pump 705-33-28540 WA380-3
10 Gear Pump 705-51-20440 WA380-3/WA380-3DZ
11 Gear Pump 705-21-33060 WA380-3/WA380-3DZ
12 Gear Pump 705-21-26060 WA380-3/WA380-3DZ
13 Gear Pump 705-55-34190 WA380-3DZ
14 Gear Pump 705-11-38240 WA380-3DZ
15 Gear Pump 705-13-31340 WA380-3DZ
16 Gear Pump 705-33-34340 WA380-3DZ
17 Gear Pump 705-33-27540 WA380-3DZ
18 Gear Pump 705-56-34240 WA400-1
19 Gear Pump 705-56-34040 WA400-1
20 Gear Pump 705-12-38210 WA400-1
21 Gear Pump 705-12-36330 WA400-1
22 Gear Pump 705-14-34530 WA400-1
23 Gear Pump 705-56-34100 WA420-1 SN20001-
24 Gear Pump 705-12-38211 WA420-1
25 Gear Pump 705-12-36340 WA420-1
26 Gear Pump 705-34-34340 WA420-1
27 Gear Pump 705-34-22540 WA420-1
28 Gear Pump 705-22-40070 WA420-3/WA470-3/WA420-3DZ
29 Gear Pump 705-52-30360 WA420-3/HD255-5
30 Gear Pump 705-12-35240 WA420-3
31 Gear Pump 705-14-33540 WA420-3
32 Gear Pump 705-52-30390 WA420-3
33 Gear Pump 705-22-40090 WA420-3
34 Gear Pump 705-34-29540 WA420-3
35 Gear Pump 705-52-30560 WA420-3CS
36 Gear Pump 705-14-32240 WA420-3CS
37 Gear Pump 705-12-36540 WA420-3CS
38 Gear Pump 705-52-30550 WA420-3CS
39 Gear Pump 705-34-38240 WA420-3CS
40 Gear Pump 705-34-28540 WA420-3CS
41 Gear Pump 705-12-37010 WA450-1/WA470-1
42 Gear Pump 705-12-37040 WA450-1/WA470-1
43 Gear Pump 705-12-36010 WA450-1/WA470-1
44 Gear Pump 705-52-20240 WA450-1/WA470-1
45 Gear Pump 705-12-38240 WA450-1/WA470-1
46 Gear Pump 705-14-26540 WA450-1/WA470-1
47 Gear Pump 705-52-20190 WA450-1/WA470-1
48 Gear Pump 705-12-34210 WA450-1/WA470-1
49 Gear Pump 705-14-26530 WA450-1/WA470-1
50 Gear Pump 705-52-20100 WA450-1/WA470-1/PC60-1
51 Gear Pump 705-12-34210 WA450-1/WA470-1/PC60-1
52 Gear Pump 705-56-36050 WA320-6
53 Gear Pump 705-58-44050 D375A-3/5
54 Gear Pump 705-58-47000 WA600-1-A
55 Gear Pump 705-95-05140 D275A-2,D375A-1,D375A-3

Do others parts:

Hot Komatsu Bulldozer Parts Factory-- Komatsu D85ess-3. D65e-12 Bulldozer Genuine Clutch Break Hydraulic Gear Pump Spare Parts: 705-51-20930

1U3953  4T1893 CAT Catridges
 3G7658  3G2718 CAT Catridges
 3G2752  9J5058 CAT Catridges
 6E6477  3G4602 CAT Catridges
 3G7657 1465074 CAT Catridges
 3G2834  3G7653 CAT Catridges
 1U2667  4T0422 CAT Catridges
 1U2671  1U2665 CAT Catridges
 9J5050  3G7654 CAT Catridges
 3G7660 1214512 CAT Catridges
 3G7656 1439722 CAT Catridges
 9J5049  3G7662 CAT Catridges
1392383  9J5070 CAT Catridges
 3G7655  1U2668 CAT Catridges
 6E2387  6E6659 CAT Catridges
 1U2669  6E6666 CAT Catridges
1465076  3G7663 CAT Catridges
 3G1267 1628869 CAT Catridges
 3G2234  1U2664 CAT Catridges
 4T6869   CAT Catridges

Mainly Product

Engine Parts :
Piston,liner, gasket set, bearing, valve, crankshaft,connect rod, camshaft,cyl block,cyl head, turbo,starter, water pump, alternator, feed pump, injector, fuel pump.......    

Hydraulic Parts: 
Hydraulic main pump, gear pump, swing motor, Travel Motor, Final Drive assy, swing device unit, main control valve, Hydraulic Spare Parts, Final drive parts, swing motor parts......

 Undercarriage Parts: 
top roller,bottom/track roller, idler,sproker, track shoe, track link, adjust cyl,arm/boom/bucket cyl, adjust spring, exvavator bucket, bucket teeth/tip, H link......

Electronic parts : 
Throttle/stepper motor,electric appliance,Pressure Switch, Sensor, Switch Start Flameout Solenoid , monitor, controller/ECU...... 

Cabin parts :  
Complete cabin, cabin door, cabin door windows, cabin door lock, side door, engine cover, toolbox......


6136-61-1102 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D105
6136-61-1101 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D105
6136-61-1401 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D105
6136-61-1501 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D105
6136-61-1601 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D105
6138-61-1860 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D110
6138-61-1560 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D110
6138-61-1570 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D110
6138-61-1670 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D110
6138-61-1900 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D110
6136-62-1100 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D105
6204-61-1100 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 4D95L
6206-61-1100 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D95
6736-61-1202 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D102
6736-61-1402 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D102
6735-61-1500 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D102
6742-01-3670 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D114
6741-61-1530 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D114
6209-61-1100 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D95L
6221-61-1102 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D108
6222-63-1200 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y SA6D108
6222-61-1600 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D108
6151-61-1121 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D125
6150-61-1102 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y 6D125
6151-62-1101 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D125E
6154-61-1102 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y S6D125E
6212-61-1203 komatsu WATER PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu Hydraulic Parts, Komatsu Main Hydraulic Pump, Komatsu Hydraulic Pump Parts, Excavator Hydraulic Spare Parts
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